J- 48 before Russian World Cup.
Did you prepare everything before landing on Russian territory?

Glance at Christine Vamvakas tips for flying to Russia this Summer :


  1. Call G-OPS
    We will be able to give relevant advice about schedules and any concerns you may have.


  1. Avoid changes to schedules especially when it comes to airport slots.
    The more changes you have, the fewer options are available.


  1. Be aware of cabotage.
    Apply for exceptions well in advance, although these are not guaranteed to be approved


  1. Always check the NOTAMs.
    It is imperative to read these closely as they have specific clauses for GA operators and may change at a moment’s notice.


  1. Be prepared for delays
    Heavy traffic will be operating, so there are likely to be many delays for operators.


  1. Expect higher prices


  1. Organize ground transportation in advance and be aware of limitations


  1. Request inflight catering in advance
    In certain locations, there is a 48-72-hour minimum lead time to get these requests.


  1. Firm up Schedules now
    Submit requests for permits, airport slots, parking and hotels well in advance because some smaller locations have limited availability.


  1. Get your visas in advance
    There are a lot of people applying for these, so the process may be slowed down just because of the number of requests being made.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team to get more information about landing on Russian territory during World Cup.


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Jonathan Mazzoleni
Source: Business Airport International  – Interview Christine Vamvakas| April 2018